How to use Tinder

How to use Tinder


To start using the application dating Tinder you must install the application on your iPhone or Android mobile phone . Then please log in Tinder from Facebook .

Once you start in to Facebook you can begin to use Tinder !

It is important that before you start to qualify people , set your profile as it depends on your profile that other people what you qualify as positive or negative …. you have to sell yourself well .

For this you must enter the options and select which photos you want to display on your profile , up to 6 photos .

Then enter your search options , if you want to find men or women, and how far you are willing to meet people . It is important that you have enabled Location on your mobile phone.

Once you set up your profile, you can begin to qualify people .

You may qualify as negative or X if you do not like the person, or positive if you like. Before qualifying the person can click the “i” information to see other photos of interest and the other person, to see if he really likes.

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